Jean Claude Sassine

Jean Claude Sassine is an award-winning pianist. He discovered his enthusiasm for music early on when he made his first musical instrument from a radio set microphone and a tension spring and began to experiment with sounds. At the age of ten, he attended a classical piano concert that enchanted him and aroused his passion for this instrument.


Later he played in a Punk Rock band and began to compose music to existing texts: literary cabaret, plays and readings. Born in Solothurn (Switzerland), he became internationally known for his collaboration with numerous European actors, authors and cabaret artists. Touring at home and abroad, he lived his dream. Sassine explored word depths with his piano playing, set surprising accents and made text images into dynamic sound experiences.


By the end of 2017, he found his way back to his roots: the songwriting. Together with Nathanael Wagenmann he founded "mindcoma". With the addition of Fredy Zahn, the new family was completed in 2018.

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